Balance Sheet For Personal Use

I love YNAB for managing cashflow in my personal life and my small business but I’d like to maintain a personal balance sheet.

It’s a bit of a stretch to use YNAB for this.

Can anyone recommend a good tool for creating that report?

I’m familiar with Wave (current user) and QuickBooks (former user) but maybe there’s more options out there better suited for tracking investments (mutual funds and real estate currently.)

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  • Lot's of options.  First, within YNAB itself, install the YNAB Toolkit, which offers more and better reports over the stock web application.  See if those will meet your needs.

    Other options depend on your personal preference and operating system.  Mint to me is so tempting to migrate back from budgeting to forecasting that I would eschew that.  Go for Personal Capital instead.  It's great for tracking net worth and investment portfolios. 

    If you are on PC, then Quicken is a great option with all the bells and whistles for personal finance.  For Mac, the best I have seen is Banktivity.  I gave up on both of those as double-entry of my day to day transactions was not worth it for me.  If you are truly fluent with accounting, you may appreciate something industrial strength like Quick Books (or Gnu Cash for free).

    Finally, what do I actually use after all the above?  Google Sheets.  I can access it from anywhere and have nearly all of Excel's functionality.  Named versions allow me to go back in time.  The spreadsheet contains the following tabs:  budget, savings, timeoff, vacations, assumptions, forecast, pay statement, retirement and historical salary and net worth.  The nice part about a spreadsheet is you can customize it however you want.  I update net worth weekly in my tracking accounts in YNAB and then transfer those monthly to the spreadsheet.

    Good luck!  Curious to hear what mechanisms others use to track items outside of core budgeting.

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  • Thanks! Yeah, I’m fluent I accounting because I’ve always run my own business. I just want to see proper financial statements. I’ll look into these and report back!

  • I use YNAB, Personal Capital, and also use a spread sheet I got from It's under the Free Budget templates tab. This last one gives me a monthly one page form I can print out and doesn't take much effort to update at the end of each month. This gives me the ability to page through past months to see where I was at a point in time.

    YNAB is for my working monthly cash.  Personal Capital and the net worth report are in addition and include my investments that aren't included in my working monthly cash, think real estate (including mortgages) and stock investments.  

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