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Why is "Save a version" is not transmitting data from old iMac to new iMac?

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  • Hi Gray Router !

    It sounds like you're using YNAB 4 - the older, desktop version of YNAB. When you save a file in YNAB 4, it's saved to the computer you are using. In order to access that saved version on a different computer, you'd need to make it accessible on the other computer - some users prefer Dropbox for this, but you could also manually move the file using a USB drive or even email the file to yourself.

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  • Thank you for replying. However, I'm at a loss as to which "file" you're referring to that I should copy and send. I have configured Dropbox on both computers, with identical Cloud Sync Budget Folders and still no transfer.  In fact. all the Preferences are identica; in both machines. I am at a loss

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  • Save a Version is just a savepoint/backup. It's not the primary data.

    Did you enable cloud sync in YNAB4 on the new computer and open the budget?

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    • nolesrule Thanks for responding. Yes, I have updated "Prederences" on both computers, and eash displays identical entries. Cloud Synch is activated, Cloud Synch Budgets Folder and Local Budgets Folders each have identical entries, but nothing has appeared in the new computer since May 4.  

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      • nolesrule
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      • nolesrule
      • 6 mths ago
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      Gray Router Try disabling and re-enabling cloud sync on the new computer.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion. I did that (competely), reattached, no change.

    Still frozen on May4.

    I hope there are other suggestions.

    How do you copy YNAB onto a flash drive and transfer that way>\?

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    • Gray Router 

      If you have the budget set to Cloud Sync, you can follow the steps below to create a link to it. You can then use that link from the new computer to access the file.

      1. Log in to your account at

      2. Look for your YNAB folder, and hover your cursor over that so you see a "Share" button like this.

      3. Click “Share."

      4. Then click "Copy link" in the window that pops up

      If you'd rather save the file to a USB drive, take a look at this link on YNAB 4 Files and Folders for help.

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