Undo on mobile / phone?


So unless I'm missing something, it appears there is no undo on the iphone app. In the case where I was just editing categories, this is extremely frustrating. I accidentally created a category with the same name, and when I deleted the wrong duplicate, it wiped out the category for a bunch of transactions. I can see how -adding- categories on the iphone app is fine, but if you are going to let me delete a category from the app (esp with a lot of history!) there needs to be an undo. I'm also not sure now if all the stuff showing up as needing a category is messing with my budget even if the transaction is reconciled and locked. It appears from my now large to be budgeted that it took all of those past transactions and dumped the money into my to be budgeted. This adds to my frustration because now I don't feel I can trust my budget.

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  • Hi Silver Jackal !


    Oh no! You're right, there are a couple of features in the web app that aren’t yet in the mobile app, and the ability to undo recent actions is one of them. Would you mind submitting that feedback via the Feature Request Form


    As for what to do from here, when you delete a category that has previous information in it, two things happen:

    1) You are asked to choose a new category for the existing transactions (Uncategorized is an option).

    2) Any money budgeted to the deleted category (in all months) is sent back to To be Budgeted.


    To clean up your budget after the deletion, here is what you'll do:

    1) Create a new category (or use the duplicate you created).

    2) Categorize all recently uncategorized transactions there.

    3) Go back and budget money to the new category you created in Step 1 above.


    That should do it! I'm so sorry for the trouble here, let me know if you have any questions at all. 

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