Clearing a credit card transaction makes my TBB negative

A couple weeks ago I experienced an issue on the mobile app where clearing a credit card transaction would make my TBB go negative. My TBB is never negative, if anything it's usually green by some spare change. When I would open the app, everything was green. I'd clear a charge and then receive a notification that I had over-budgeted. Which doesn't make sense given that the charge's category should just turn yellow, it should not affect the TBB. 

The weird thing is all of my account balances were accurate, there were no duplicate charges, nothing. I submitted a ticket but it couldn't be replicated and guidance was to try to screenshot moving forward. After a week of screengrabs and no duplication in behavior, I stopped.

Welp, it just happened again tonight. Everything was green, I cleared a single CC charge, and now I'm in the red for about the same amount of the charge, less the spare change I had in TBB. Of course I didn't screengrab beforehand so I'll be back to doing that again moving forward. 

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

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  • Hi Blue Filly !


    Hmm, that's super strange! As soon as you enter a transaction in YNAB, that's when it affects your budget, it shouldn't matter whether the transaction is cleared or not! 

    I'm going to move this thread over into Bugs, and get some expert eyes on it. In the meantime, we'd like to have you send in some logs right after you notice the issue happen. If it was a while ago, have you performed a lot of actions in your budget since you saw this most recently? Or, did you make note of the time when you did?

    Click the "Settings" tab at the bottom right of the mobile app and under Support, select "Get Help" and write a brief message letting us know why you're sending logs. 

    Don't forget to select "Include Your Budget File" before pressing send so that we can really dig in!

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  • Sorry, a couple more questions! 


    1. Have you ever seen this happen on the web app? Or have you only seen the aftermath there?

    2. What kind of mobile device do you use? 



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      • Blue Filly
      • Blue_Filly
      • 3 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      Jannelle just submitted a support ticket as it happened again this morning. The ticket is about 2 hours after it occurred. 

      Made sure to have a $0.00 TBB and cleared/categorizes two transactions and now my TBB is negative.

      So far I have only seen it happen and am on mobile, iOS.

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      • Blue Filly
      • Blue_Filly
      • 3 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      Jannelle I forgot to screengrab the accounts screen that showed just the two charges waiting to clear, but these show TBB was green, then the two charges that I cleared, and then the negative balance. 

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