Credit card balance differs between YNAB and credit card

I've pretty much been using YNAB to track spending right now, to get a sense of how I should budget. Right now my total balance on my credit card is 2781, from july 27th to today. YNAB shows my CC payment as $1688. I would assume these two numbers would match. Where is this $1688 coming from?

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  • When you set up your YNAB accounts, did you budget the current balance into the Credit Card category so that they matched at the beginning? If you didn't, the $1688 is what you've spent on your credit card since you started YNAB.

    The other possibility is that you overspent in a category that you used a credit card in. (It doesn't matter if you actually spent cash for the overspend, if you spent credit at any point during that month's transactions in that category, it will prioritize the cash, and assume you need to take on more debt on your credit card since you can't in reality overspend cash. It's just not there.) If you have an overspent category or more, roll with the punches and move money to cover them, then your credit card balance will match again. It should be under by the amount you are over in your categories.

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  • That $1,688 is the spending you've put on your credit card that was budgeted for in your spending categories. Since that amount doesn't match the balance on the credit card, it means that you haven't budgeted enough to pay the credit card off in full (this could be due to overspending, underbudgeting or not budgeting for the starting balance as Aritavashkai mentioned).

    You can budget the difference towards the credit card category directly to make up the difference or find any categories with overspending and cover those amounts. :)

    To learn more about how credit cards work in YNAB, take a look at our Quick Start Guide to Credit Cards and consider taking our Master Credit Cards with your Budget workshop!

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