n00b question - reject vs delete transaction?

I've searched the help docs for a clear answer to this question but I don't feel as though I've found it.

What is the difference between rejecting a transaction and deleting it?

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  • Hi This Is JKB !

    Rejecting a transaction prevents it from importing (it's never confirmed in your account), while deleting a transaction removes it after it's already imported. Both options have the same affect - the transaction is no longer listed in the account. 

    I hope that helps clear things up! :)

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  • Hm, not entirely sure I understand the difference.

    Are you saying that Reject doesn't really do anything once a transaction has been imported/cleared? So if I Deleted a transaction that had not been cleared yet it will still import BUT if I Reject it, it won't?

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    • This Is JKB Sorry for the confusion, the two are essentially the same they're just a turn of phrase based on When you get rid of the transaction. Rejecting a transaction is like saying "This is wrong and shouldn't be put into my budget to begin with" while deleting a transaction is saying, "This Did happen, but I no longer want it here".

      Once a transaction has been imported and cleared, there won't be an option to Reject it - you'll only be able to delete it. If you click on the "i" symbol of an uncleared transaction, you'll only be given the option to Approve or Reject - not delete.

      (You can delete an uncleared transaction from the Edit menu, but that's because the Delete option is always present there).

      In the end, if a transaction shouldn't be in your budget, you can Reject it or Delete it for the same results.

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    • Faness  Ah, I follow you now. 👍


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  • Can you recall a Rejected Transaction? I clicked the wrong button - they are too close to each other Accept/Reject in the UI IMHO.  I imported from my cc acct but that item did not re-import. Am I forced to now manually enter a Rejected-in-error Transaction? tks

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    • JBCampo Yes, manual entry is your only option. Deleted/rejected transactions are forever ignored for import.

      FWIW, I don't ever "accept", so I don't have the issue of accidental deletion. (You're right, that's a terrible UI choice!) When I reconcile/lock, those transactions auto-accept, so that's one less thing for me to do.

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    • Hi JBCampo !

      dakinemaui is right - rejected and/or deleted transactions can't be re-imported into the same account. However, going forward, you can use the Undo button at the top of your register if you remove a transaction by accident. This only works if you haven't refreshed the page or logged out since making the changes but can come in handy. :)

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      • RIP_MSMoney
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      Faness is undo on mobile?

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    • RIP_MSMoney Currently, there isn't an undo option in the mobile app. The best course forward there would be to re-add the deleted or rejected transaction. You can let our product team know you'd like to see that by submitting a Feature Request

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    • Nicole Faness Taytay My understanding is that Feature Requests are not used in a voting fashion. Is that accurate?

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    • dakinemaui That is correct. We don't count submitted Feature Requests as votes. We do track the most requested features, but that doesn't guarantee the feature will be implemented - there are a number of other factors that are considered, as well.

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