12 Transactions Need to be Approved or Categorized - Why?

(Please view attached screenshot)

As you can see, it says "12 transactions need to be approved or categorized."

All of my transactions are categorized (with the exception of the ones that say "Category not needed") and I have cleared all of them (though, some may not 'technically' have cleared my bank).

But the balance of $55.72 is exactly what is available in my account.

What am I missing?  Why does it have a problem with these 12 transactions?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


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  • The symbol to the left of the transactions that looks like a linked chain indicates that YNAB hasatched those transactions to what has been imported from your account. Click on the links chain icons to match your transactions and this should fix the discrepancy.

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    • Nina Shelly Wow, thank you for the quick reply!  That solved my problem! Yay! 🙂

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  • I also get the "transactions need to be approved or categorized." message. When I bring up these transactions and assign a category (and these are always transactions that I have manually entered, chosen a category for, and may or may not be cleared yet) - when I assign a category, YNAB appears to subtract that transaction's amount a second time, for whatever category. Ive already entered this transaction myself, now it has subtracted it again, throwing the balance off.

    Is this supposed to happen? I am almost certain I am doing something wrong here. Ive been using YNAB for a year, and reconcile every day. I just have been ignoring the "transactions need to be approved or categorized" and things are fine, but if I try to do anything with them...bad stuff happens.

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      • nolesrule
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      Khaki Piano (fd520c3a9a39) You need to match the imported transaction with the manually entered transaction and this will clear up.

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      nolesrule Thanks for that - I just noticed the little bowtie icon for "approve /deny" each transaction. I will keep an eye on this.

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