Probably is on here somewhere but I can't find it. How do you add a payee not a category?

I want to add payees to my budget but cannot find how to do this. Does anyone know how?

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  • I see you must do it by transaction and the date. Found it in setting up a budget.

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  • Yep, once you add the first transaction with that payee you won't have to add it again. 

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  • Hi Ivory Leopard !

    Yes, new payees will be added as you add transactions, so you can build up your payee list that way! Once you do, check out Payee Management as well! You can access the Payee Management feature by either clicking the name of your Budget in the upper left-hand corner or double-clicking a transaction in the payee field and selecting "Manage Payees."


    From there, cleanup your payees by editing, deleting, combining, and changing your auto-categorization rules to your heart’s content! You can also edit and define “Is” and “Contains” rules to automatically rename imported payees just how you’d like.

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    • Jannelle Thanks so much!!

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  • It will not allow me more than one payee. I try to add a new payee and then all the transactions are changed to the new payee. How do I save a new payee without changing all the previous transactions?  I'm a new user so far their tech support is not user friendly. 

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    • HI Coral Trumpet !

      Sorry for the trouble! When entering a transaction, tap on the Payee section and type in the Payee you'd like to add. If there's not a Payee by that name, a new payee will be created automatically. You should also see the option to Create the payee you typed in underneath the entry field - if you click there, it'll create the new payee as well.

      Give that a try and let me know if you're still having trouble! :)

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