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Not a question, just a comment. I've made lots of spending errors over the last ten years and most of those decisions have probably prevented us from being in a position to buy a house by now. Anyway, I've tried budgeting on my own and have tried a couple other tools, but never really got it. I'm only a few days into using YNAB and it has completely changed my thinking. I tend to spend money haphazardly and impulsively, but with a savings goal in mind, and the way YNAB works, is completely changing the way I think about our money. We do not have anything other car debt, but most of the time I don't even know how our money disappears. Even over the last day I've had impulses to buy something but then think about the budget and how I want all of the numbers in YNAB to stay on track, haha! So I catch myself, and can see that I am already making better decisions. Instead of clicking 'buy' on amazon, I am instead thinking of the budget and know that money is not budgeted for purchases on amazon right now. Anyway, all of this to say thank you, and I think this will be a very helpful and powerful tool to help me make the changes I have so desperately wanted to make. These changes are hard, but I can actually see the potential of being able to meet financial goals and change my habits for the benefit of myself and my family. 

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  • Oh, comments like these always give us the warm and fuzzies! Thank you for sharing Purple Mermaid !

    I'm so glad to hear about what YNAB is helping you do, and I can't wait to hear what you'll accomplish in the next year (even 10 years!)! You should start a Journal so we can all follow along. 😊

  • Purple Mermaid

    This is absolutely wonderful! I fully second Jannelle's suggestion on that journal!

    I went ahead and moved this over to the YNAB Wins discussion thread. This is a victory for the wins pile! :)

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