Stuff I forgot to budget for...


For example: I went to the craft store and bought a couple Valentine's Day gifts for my kids. I put it in the "stuff I forgot to budget for" category and just moved money around. My husband had a Dr. appt. and I forgot to budget for the $40 co-pay so I put that in the "Medical" category and then moved $40 to cover it. Am I doing this correctly? Should the co-pay have been in the "stuff I forgot" category or was it okay to put it in "medical"? 



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  • You want to accurately categorize your spending so that when you later look back at reports and spending averages you can more accurately budget in the future. The "stuff I forgot" category isn't really a spending category... it's a holding category for money that you haven't decided what to with yet.

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    • I've recently had the lightbulb realization that "Stuff I forgot" is intended to be a "holding category" as nolesrule mentions! :)

      I'd recommend categorizing your actual spending transactions to other, more specific categories (i.e. the copay would be "Medical" as you said, and the valentine's gifts might be under "Gifts"?). Rather than categorizing transactions to "Stuff I forgot," you can budget a small amount of money to this category each month as a kind of "slush fund" to easily WAM from for anything you might forget about throughout the month.

    • Resistant Punch Roller okay, thank you! 

    • nolesrule that makes sense, thank you! 

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