How to handle and "view" accrued savings, goals, and don't touch money

I've started with YNAB and seeing how things work and look over a few months.
One area I'm having trouble with, is how to "reserve" money, either via a "goal" or a Category like "don't touch".
However, it still shows as Green - would really like a different color for Goals, or other non-touch money, as it is visually misleading that these funds are marked as available - when clearly they are being accrued and should not be touched.
Examples - periodic real estate taxes and estimated IRS taxes, or even a xmas fund, or any other accrued category.

ALSO - why is this forum not a hotlink on the YNAB Web page -
had to actually hunt around to find it, and then bookmark it-

Not sure I like this new forum vs the old one -
Community vs Q&A - aren't they the same mental view -

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  • I feel like I read this once already. But I'll just reiterate the answer. Money that is "available" is available for that purpose only. You are the one who decides that you want to take money earmarked for property taxes and spend it on a matinee. 

    Some people hide categories they don't want to see. But if you stick with the practice of YNAB, using your categories to guide your spending and consulting the category before you spend, you will develop the willpower to ignore even a verylarge category balance, because that money's job is more important than the job you want to reallocate it to. 

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  • I struggle with that in my budget, too! It helps me to create Goals, because if I try to move money out of a category like Taxes or Christmas, it will turn orange, warning me that I won't have enough there for that Goal. Keeping my budget all green is very motivating!

    As for the forum, it wasn't linked on the main page because it wasn't available to everyone yet. We've just gotten it linked up!


    As for Community and Q&A, along with Bugs, those are the three areas of the forums. Community is for discussions, and the YNAB Team will pop in there from time to time. If you post in Q&A or Bugs, we'll make sure your question gets answered one way or another. 馃榾

  • The link to the Forum is not on the actual "usage" screen.... after you log into YNAB -

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