Surrender to the Habit of YNAB

Hello all,

I've been using YNAB for 18 months now, and my financial adviser, whom I really couldn't even afford back then (he did it for free for me), has expressed great surprise in how my finances have turned around in such a short time and with nomextra job or inheritance (lol).

For new folks, I'd just say the most important thing to do--after understanding and figuring out that YNAB is a money envelope system like my mother used to use)--i surrendering to the habit of working your YNAB every day.

Do not miss a day. Keep on top of watching your finances even if there's no new charge, spending or income for the day. Monitor like a hawk, and soon you will look forward to using YNAB and seeing your debt get under control. I'm serious, and I'm the type who doesn't believe until I see it, so believe me, lol.

Surrender to the habit of good finances through YNAB. You'll be so glad you did!

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  • YES! I login to my YNAB at least once every day. Just to check on things, look at the graphs (yay rising net worth!), tweak something, etc. It has really helped me to be on top of everything checking every day! And after doing this the past year, I can't imagine going back to looking at my bank balance to make a purchase!

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  • Hooray for daily budgeting! I do it, too. 😀

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  • I log a transaction each time it happens, the moment it occurs. I paid off my student loan this way!  Finally free!!!

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  • Yes!!! I really experienced success when I surrendered to the method... I kept wanting to forecast and budget dollars I didn't have and it just didn't work. 2.5 years in, I GET IT, and we are debt free as a result!!

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  • Totally agree...but I would add this caveat..."at least when starting out".   I know do it about 3 times a week.  But, yes, I did it every day at least for the first year. 

    Once my finances began to improve (because your doing it every day) then I found myself able to do it somewhat less frequently.  Is that anyone else experience?

    My 2¢.


    PS Love me some YNAB.

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  • A great reminder. This last year I havent made it a daily sometimes weekly habit and i have struggled. It not like ive gone back to zero, but getting ahead on my goals has been a bit of a struggle. Thanks!

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  • It is addictive like a drug, with real POSITIVE outcome. I love YNABing each day and track my expenses and everything in the evening as a daily habit. LOVE the graphs, really helpful.

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  • Totally agree. My brother is just starting out with YNAB, and he's struggled with using it regularly. The result is that he has a ton of transactions to approve, which means his spending shows up in giant dumps, which makes the whole thing really stressful and guilt-inducing. 

    Doing it everyday means you're only doing a handful, which is easy, and makes it much easier to correct course if you see yourself veering off. 

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  • I have been using it for about a year.  I log in every Monday through Friday.  It is kinda of my morning routine at the office.  I turn on the computer, log into my email, YNAB and my bank account.  I do quick checks on everything.  Usually takes me less then 5 minutes.  The only time it takes longer is if I did a big shopping trip to say Costco and there are "multiple categories" on a transaction (grocery and clothing or something like that).   Every other Friday - my paydays - I pay the credit cards in full which only takes a few minutes through my bank.  But yes, routine and staying on top of things is the only way to really get control. 

    • Laurie Kellum Same! I check it everyday when I get into work and doesn't much time at all. I love it because I feel like my budget adjusts as my schedule adjusts.

      I only get paid 1x per month and before YNAB there would have been months that I would be looking at the last 2 weeks of the month with not much money left.

  • Using since 2013, daily for me too.

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