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2.5 Years on YNAB.  First post on the new forums!?


edited by  Dan - YNAB Team   so everyone can admire your beautiful graph

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  • Just came across this thread so looked at the report. October, I added my investments to YNAB & November added my LOC to YNAB to really watch it go down vs just looking at the balance on the bank website. Now this is my true financial picture, minus my mortgage. I'm looking forward to watching the red go down over the next year!

    All your graphs are very inspiring! :)

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    1666.9% increase

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  • In five years my total net worth (including all investments and pension accounts) position improved by 160%, and I am now confident that I will have a comfortable retirement, so that's very satisfying, but it's my cash liquidity that I really love looking at.  Before YNAB, I didn't plan for true expenses and I wasn't well-positioned to handle emergencies. Plus I was always trying to invest too much too quickly. As a result I was always scrambling in those big months to pay annual expenses and I always felt poor and financially stressed as a result.  After assessing what I really spend, need, and should have, then implementing the four rules, and using the YNAB budget software, my on-budget cash liquidity position improved by a factor of 6,818.7 per cent.


    On-Budget Accounts only - Not bad for a take-home of under $3,000/month, eh?


    *summer of 2015 - financed a car purchase

    *After paying off all consumer debt and a family loan in December, 2016, the occasional red debt lines after that are the result of me trying to get comfortable with only paying the cc statement balance instead of the entire balance

    * the sudden and short-lived appearance of the big tall red debt lines from August/19 to November/19 was due to borrowing $30,000 of Line of Credit funds at 0% interest (promotional introductory rate) and earning interest on it in my savings account.

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    January 2018 - added the tracking account for my old 401k

    March 2018 - insurance payout from my totaled Yaris

    April 2018 - loan for the new Crosstrek added

    May 2019 - finished off the student loan

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    • TechieM2 This is amazing! 

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  • I started this thread 2 years ago, so I wanted to show my progress since then! 

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    • Johnnie5 Wooow!! I can't believe it's been two years, but the progress you've made in that time is even more impressive!! 🎉

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  • What are you guys doing here? What are you showing?

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      Stacy C Net worth graphs. The nicer ones are from the toolkit.

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