Adding to Category but not changing Budgeted Amount

I have used YNAB4, forever! Now that my husband will be retiring and we will have a fixed income. I would like to ALWAYS keep the Budgeted Amount the same for each month, knowing that the numbers I have budgeted add up to our fixed income. However, if there is a change or my husband does some side work, I would like to be able to add that  extra money to categories without changing the Budgeted Amount. Is my only option to add the extra money directly to the categories when recording the transaction, versus adding it to available to budget?

Thank you!

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  • Hi Pink Nomad !

    That's exactly right! If you want to add funds to a category without budgeting them towards that category, you'll need to categorize the inflow there. However, we advise against that because those funds won't register as income in your reports.

    Could you use the Monthly Funding Goals option to keep the desired amount in mind rather than depending on the actual budgeted amount? 

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      I use YNAB4, so I don't have the "Goals" option.  Also, I use a Mac laptop, and just heard that next update will no longer support YNAB4.  Sadly, I have been looking at other Budget platforms. I refuse to spend money on a recurring basis with no end for a budget app!! 
      I have been a loyal YNABer since 2012, so the change will be very difficult for me.
      Thanks for your answer!

    • Pink Nomad Sorry for misunderstanding! I thought you were transitioning to the new YNAB. While we love it for a number of reasons, we understand if it isn't exactly what you're looking for to suit your budgeting needs. Have you taken a look at the YNAB 4 Forum? There may be a workaround to the next Mac update there or discussions on other alternatives. :)

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