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Hi all,

Everything was correct yesterday. Now when it's rolled over today I'm showing -£2.49 in my TBB. I have not overspent in any months, my remaining budgeted amount in each category has rolled over correctly but for some reason I'm now showing more in my "Budgeted for May" than my "Funds for May".

I've tried to think of every reason why this is happening. I think it's related to a specific £2.49 transaction from last month, but even deleting that (just to test) doesn't do anything to the minus amount. 

Please help.



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  • Hi Tim Pearsall !

    Did you have any transactions import after the rollover? The header in the web app should tell you if there was any overspending. If the only difference is that your Budgeted for May is now larger than your Funds for May, then budgeting for that $2.49 transaction last month could've tipped the scale for this month. Overbudgeting is different from overspending, so it wouldn't be listed in the header and deleting the transaction wouldn't fix the issue. You can move funds back to To Be Budgeted to cover the difference. :)

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  • Yes, as Fanness Said, if you budgeted for £2.49 last month, and you already had budgeted this month, then you got hit with the problem we call Stealing From The Future. There's no warning about it in April, but it pulls money back from May to cover the April budgeting. This will make May overbudget when you get to May. 

    The solution is to fix the May overbudget. 

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  • Hi Faness and WordTenor ,

    Thank you for your help. So my accounts aren't incorrect I must have just accidentally budgeted twice for something?

    I've just covered the over budgeting with money from my "Fun Money" category and now when I add up what I have left available it equals what is in my account currently. So that must be right! Thanks again, I think I was just confusing myself with the difference between overspending and over-budgeting. 

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    • Tim Pearsall 

      Happy to hear that cleared things up! As long as that negative is taken care of and your accounts are adding up, you're good to go! :)

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