Fell off the wagon...

Hey all, 

I was SO nerdy into YNAB when I started in the fall! I stuck to it and everything. I slipped up recently and made some impulse purchases that have actually landed me back in a little hole of debt and behind in my 2018 Debt Payoff goals. 

Right now I'm seeking some motivation. YNAB has suddenly turned VERY overwhelming. 

I think it's time to set new goals, and create a Fresh Start with what I have RIGHT NOW. 

I recently got a raise at work, and am hopeful that I can get back on track. It's the discipline that I've forgotten. 

Any words of motivation? What have you done when you've fallen behind? 

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  • g.359 said:
    Any words of motivation? What have you done when you've fallen behind? 

     Only thing I can offer is-get back on the wagon and continue forward.  It can be seen as work to work your budget.  I see it as a gift, so I can reach my goals.  It's up to you, and only you.  

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  • I've fallen off the budgeting wagon a few times (I've been YNABing since YNAB3). What motivates me is the scared feeling I would get of not having enough money to pay off the credit card each month and thinking my only option was a balance transfer. That fear is something I never want to feel again... so I budget weekly.

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  • So you messed up. Ok. That happens. We are all humans, we mess up sometimes. That doesn't mean you should give up. Make that fresh start (I think that's an excellent idea!) and go from there. If what you're doing at first isn't perfect, well, at least it's better than doing nothing! Every little bit helps! You've got this!

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  • Focus on your growth. There's a good chance you're able to handle this setback much better now than you could before you started managing your money with YNAB. Someday, when you're out of debt and have strong savings, you'll probably have the same temptation to get down on yourself because you're not saving or investing as much as x, y, or z, and this will be the moment you look back on when you think about growth. 

    It's all a work-in-progress, and you're allowed to celebrate your progress, even when you fall off the wagon. 

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  • I think a fresh start with what you have now is a great idea.

    To me it sounds like loads of steps forward then recently 2 or 3 steps back.  You  might have lost some ground but only a bit. 

    This is just a small stumble.  Happens to the best of us.  Pick yourself up and keep going!

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  • Oh, and in response to your question "What have you done when you've fallen behind" - I did a fresh start in YNAB.  :) 

    I also did a couple of online workshops, read the forum, and immersed myself for a while in You Tube videos on becoming debt free.  

    And I forgave myself.

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  • Hi g.359 !

    The important part is that you're getting back on the wagon - as a number of people have said above! As long as you pick yourself back up, you'll get to where you're trying to go!

    I think the workshops are a great resource for getting re-started. They can jump start your budget and remind you why you're here in the first place. Since you're thinking of a Fresh Start, think about taking the Restart your YNAB Budget workshop. :)

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  • I fell off the wagon for over a year and recently got back on.  It happens to everyone, so take comfort in that.  You're human! 

    It sounds like you've realized what was happening and have corrected course.  The good news is that you have a raise to help you get back on track faster!  I am also due for a raise in June and I'm excited that I'll be ready to send those dollars to do some important jobs .

    I can't wait to read about your success and welcome back!

  • To add to all the excellent advice here, I recommend reviewing the budget and goals you previously set. Were you too aggressive in making cuts? (Depriving yourself of all fun/dining privileges may have caused you to fall off the wagon.) Not contributing enough to debt payoff? (Seeing little progress/not moving the needle may have sidelined you.) 

    As you are making your Fresh Start, tinker under the hood a bit to see what makes you tick. Failing is a part of life, as others have said. When we learn from failure, we find progress!

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