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Hi There, I am currently connected to my checking and savings acount via the Capital one connection, however, it doesn't list my Ventrue card as an account I can connect to. I tried adding the Capital One 360 bank instead, but it too list the same accounts, minus the Venture card. I'm not too sure what else I need to do to get that card to be listed. I even removed the connection entirely to start fresh, still can't get the card account to show up. Any ideas? 

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  • Did you try connecting the card as a separate account?  I have my Capital One Checking, Savings, and Quicksilver credit card as three separate accounts. If you tried to set up the cc account, do you get a can't connect message? My PayPal hasn't connected for last month. I informed ynab support a few days ago. 

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  • Hi Powder Blue Wizard !

    Were you able to get that account connected? I took a look and I'm seeing a Venture card listed under that account connection (five accounts total). If you're not seeing those five options on your end when adding a new account, let me know and I can have our Direct Import partner take a look at things! :)

  • Ah ha, yes there it is! I guess it just took some time to get added to the list of accounts. Thanks!!

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