New Report Idea - Category Progress... or something like that

So one thing that I find lacking with the "Spending" graph/report is that it doesn't show me what's happening with the money that i'm NOT spending. For example, we have a category for "house fund savings" to save up a down payment, and as of late, we are socking a TON of my income into this category. Yet that doesn't show up on the pie chart because it's not getting SPENT. 

To me this is an oversight. The point of the graphs to me are:

1. Get an accurate overview understanding of what is happening to my money, either overall, or month-by-month. (Totals/Trends)

2. To relish in the pure glory of rewarding confirmation that YNAB is WORKING! (partially why i LOVE the Net Worth Report. For pure self motivation.

If the non-spent money that is slowly building up in my categories isn't shown on my "totals" graph, it is really discouraging because it's not showing a huge chunk of my income that goes into savings. There should definitely be an option to only see "spent" money, but there NEEDS to be an option for OVERALL CATEGORY HISTORY. 

Again, it's discouraging to see "groceries" and "rent" take up over half of my graph. like what am i even working for? Then you realise, oh YEAH, i have like 30% of my income being SAVED. This should be reflected in the pie graph!! Even a simple Spent vs. Saved pie chart would be lovely (of course trends as well).

Just my Two Cents!

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  • I agree, it would be nice to have a net worth type chart by category to track growth of savings categories.   You can always export to excel and graph it there, I do this once a year to put together our financial history documentation.

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  • Hi Aric !

    Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas! I'm a huge fan of reports - the more the merrier in my opinion! :)

    I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, but the bottom of the Income vs. Expense report gives your net total for the month (Income minus Expenses). It's not an actual comparison, but you can see how much of your income wasn't spent that month.

    Would you mind submitting your idea via the Feature Request Form? That goes straight to our development team so they know what you'd like to see going forward! :)

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