It is not obvious when I have an active search....

Searching in the account register works, recent problems with 'on and before' dates were promptly fixed. YNAB helpfully remembers registers searches. Searching works.

I'm wondering if there would be support for it to be more obvious when there is an active search on a register, perhaps change the search box to bright yellow or change the register background to a different colour of choice, even better.

I often find that I switch to an account register and it takes me a few seconds to realise something does not look right and it is usually because there is an active search which may be from days ago, clearing the search solves the problem.

I am happy for the search to stay active. but I would like a nice big visual prompt on a register that has an active search.

Perhaps I am the only one or others have found a way to deal with this?

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  • Agree. I've done the same thing a few times. It's a pretty mild annoyance, but a visual prompt would be nice. Or a big fat "clear filters" button up top somewhere.

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