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Hi, my individual bank transactions are not showing up in YNAP. When I press "reconcile account" it says it's done, but I don't see anything. No transactions. Please help.

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  • Do you see the transactions before you reconcile?  If so, you just need to click on "filter" in the top right corner and check show reconciled transactions.

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  • Hi Pink Disk !

    If those transactions were there previously, but now aren't showing, you'll need to clear the filter settings. To do that, tap on the blue "Clear Search" in the account register.

    If you have transactions in your bank account that haven't imported into YNAB yet, it could be that they haven't cleared your bank account yet. When you set up an account with Direct Import, we first import just your Starting Balance. Once “pending” transactions clear, they should be available to import within 3 days (hopefully sooner!).

    When you see a number next to the Import button in the web app you’ll know you have transactions ready to import.

    If you have transactions you know have cleared your bank over 3 days ago, but they are not available to import, let’s try refreshing that connection. To start, you’ll remove the connectionto this financial institution:

    1. Select your budget name in the top left-hand corner and choose Manage Connections from the drop-down menu.
    2. Then Remove the connection(s) to this financial institution, confirm removal and select Done.

    Then you’ll reconnect your account(s) to a fresh connection:

    3. Hover over the existing account(in the left sidebar) and click on the edit icon. 
    4. Select Connect to Bank > Add a Connection. Search for the financial institution, and follow the prompts.

    If that doesn't do the trick, let me know and we'll go from there! :)

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      Faness Thanks for your help! I'll give your suggestions a try and come back if I have any other questions.

    • Pink Disk Sounds good! I'll keep my fingers crossed that does the trick! :)

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