Credit Card payment from Tracked Account

I have a line of credit account set up as a "Tracked Account".  I made a payment to a credit card from this line of credit and it is asking me to categorize the credit card payment as the line of credit is a tracked account.  

If I select "Credit Card Payment" then in the budget it shows that amount available in the Credit card payment category.


Is it best to change the tracked account to a budgeted account? If so, how do I change the account type?

I tried to delete the tracked account however it wants me to move those funds somewhere, which doesn't make sense in this case.


Thanks for the help

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  • If you change you have to manually enter all transactions. What I would do is not list as a CC payment, but a Generic payment instead, make a category for it if needed. I did that for my Child Support in tracking. 

    If you delete the account you do have to move the funds somewhere or cheat before you delete and make a transaction for that amount that zeros out the account. 😉

    If you don't care about the history zero out the account, hide it don't delete so you have access for records and then start over with the amount. 

  • Hi Adam R !

    Transfers from Tracking accounts to Budget accounts require a category. If you're transferring from your Tracking account to your credit card account, select To Be Budgeted as the category. That will lower the balance on the credit card without affecting the categories in your budget. Since the balance of the credit card is being lowered without using the credit card category Available balance, you'll want to check that amount and move money if necessary. :)

  • If you spend on the credit card, then it should be on budget. If not, it’s okay to leave it as a tracking account. If you decide to move it on budget, create a new budget account and then copy and paste the transactions into the new account. Then you should be able to delete the old account. 

    If if you decide to leave it as a tracking account, you should set up a line item in your budget for the payment. I do that for my mortgage payment. 

  • I need to change a tracking account to a budgeted account, so I followed the instructions above. I tried to start by creating a new budget account, as above, but the dialog box says,

    You've already connected to this financial institution using that username. Please use the existing connection to import from other accounts, or remove it before creating a new one.

    What am I doing wrong?


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