confused & it's hurting my brain :)

I entered all of my monthly expenses (even long term/yearly).  Today is December 18th &  I already paid my mortgage and all of my bills for December so I'm confused as to what I should do now! What will happen in January? All I see is a huge red 'to be budgeted' blinking at me!

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  • Hi, taming the dollar

    Hope this link works.  My first response didn't link.  This is a YNAB video: Budgeting When You're Broke.  It's about 30 minutes long.  You do not have to be broke for this to be a good video to get you started.  It will walk you through getting started when you don't have enough funds to fully budget an entire month.  It will also walk you through setting up scheduled transactions.

    The # 1 difference about the YNAB method is that it is an allocation budget and not a forecast budget. That means you only budget or allocate or assign dollars that you have in your wallet or accounts.  When your TBB gets to zero, you stop budgeting and wait until you receive new money.  

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      What HappyDance wrote.

      You shouldn't have any red in your budget. It means you've put more money in categories than you actually have.... which means you can't rely on your categories for making spending decisions because the numbers aren't based on reality.

      Rule 1 is give every dollar a job. You can't give dollars more than one job, and you can't give jobs to dollars you don't have.

      People really need to watch the getting started videos or take a live class to learn the basics of the method.

  • This link was helpful to me, too - thanks!

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