Troubleshooting: cleared balance higher than actual account

My cleared balance is $367 higher than my actual bank account. I have a cleared transaction for this exact amount.  No idea why the discrepancy.

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  • When did you start using YNAB??  If recently it’s pissible that your starting balance was wrong. 

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  • Years. I enter my transactions manually. And I've already tired searching for other transactions with that amount - non except for this expense.

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      Silver Cheetah hmm, the only other thing I can think of is to make sure it isn’t entered twice. Maybe with a 2018 date....

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  • Hi Silver Cheetah !

    YNAB only imports your balance once. From there, the balance is updated by the transactions you enter and import. This means if your balance in YNAB isn’t matching your bank, there is a transaction problem. 

    To get this fixed, use the reconcile feature in the web app (on your computer). You could open a separate browser window for the YNAB account and your online statement to more quickly check them back and forth.

    Here are a few things you can double-check:

    - Transactions that have cleared the bank but have a gray C next to them

    - Missing transactions that need to be entered or imported

    - Transactions you entered or imported that have the wrong amount (maybe inverted, 0.34 instead of 0.43, for example)

    - Duplicate transactions

    The more often you reconcile, the easier it’ll get. :)

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  • This might be a dumb question, but: are you certain that $367 has actually cleared the bank? And that it's not entered twice in YNAB? 

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  • It doesn't happen to be exactly $367.83, does it? Because if so, I am experiencing the exact same thing!

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    • Lavender Trombone That is Extremely odd! Have you tried to reconcile your account to find where that overage originated?

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