American Express not connecting

American Express is not connecting to import. I get the connection error triangle. I can log into the website through the same browser that I use for YNAB. I store my passwords in 1Password.

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  • Hi John Herman !

    I'm seeing an error on your account that typically means there's an alert/message to acknowledge on your online banking account (outstanding paperless billing requests can even cause this error).

    Go ahead and log into your financial institution and see if there are any actions you need to take. A lot of banks only show alerts on the web version of their online banking, so it’s generally best to check from a computer instead of a mobile device.

    Then, head back over to YNAB and try connecting again!

    If nothing was there but you still aren’t able to connect, let me know and I'll reach out via email to gather more details! :)

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  • This exists in YNAB in both browser and iOS app. In fact I just logged into my Amex account and then in YNAB I have the triangle telling me that there is a connection error and that YNAB is having trouble connecting to the financial institution. I try to troubleshoot it, copying the password from 1Password, but I get the same error.

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    • John Herman Did you log into your Amex account from a computer? When there's an alert or message that needs to be cleared on the account, it won't always appear in your bank's mobile app. This could be verifying your contact information, agreeing to eStatements, or a number of other things. If you checked your account from a computer, just let me know!

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  • Yes, I can log into my Amex account from the same web browser, Firefox, that I log into YNAB. This is on my mac.

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    • John Herman I've asked our Direct Import partner to take a look at what's going on here! I'll reach out via email once we hear back from them! :)

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    • I'm having the same problem Faness 

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    • Hi Cadet Blue Storm !

      Sorry for the trouble! This is a new American Express issue, separate from the one originally reported on this thread. We're currently working with our direct import partner to get this back up and running. We'll post any updates on our status page. :)

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  • Success! My Amex account is connecting, as well as my Amex Savings account. Thank you!

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  • I'm having similar problems with my bank. I think it's related to YNAB.

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  • Has this been fixed?  I am also getting this error message...

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    • Hi Aquamarine Cup !

      Sorry for the trouble! This is a new issue with American Express, separate from the one originally reported on this thread. We're currently working on a fix so we can get things back up and running and we'll post any updates on our status page! :)

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