True Expenses Indeed!

I’m a 2 week YNAB user who arrived here after experiencing an avalanche of unplanned for expenses in about a 6 week period.  Refrigerator repair: $500; vet bill: $275; new replacement riding lawn mower $5400; repair bill for same mower after hitting a concrete stepping stone and breaking blade on new mower: $125;  and more........Stark reality:  I needed to do a better job of planning for unexpected, but actually predictable expenses.  With the guidance of my new YNAB budget, I am on my way to being better prepared the next time Murphy knocks at my door.  

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  • Good luck!  You might not get it all saved/prioritised before the next 'hit' but with YNAB you will be better prepared!

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  • Hi Cadet Blue Lightning !

    Welcome to YNAB and to the forum! 

    It sounds like you had a busy month before signing up! It can be hard when everything seems to be coming at you at once, but it'll be easier now that you're expecting the unexpected! I hope you'll consider starting a journal here so we can follow along with your journey. :)

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    Welcome! Ask lots of questions. Read and watch much training. Open a fake budget and just play around. The thing that helped me the most with the mindset was the YNAB book. If you don't have the book, the link in my tagline goes to a list on online material that mirror the book. 

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