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It would be nice to have an Android desktop widget with selectable categories to see highly used category balances quickly

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  • Hi Mike T !

    It sounds like you're referring to an Android version of the iPhone Allowance add-on, listed on our Works with YNAB page. There isn't an Android equivalent yet, but you can post in the API section of the forum for further discussion or submit a Feature Request to let our product team know you'd like to see that option. :)

  • Hi Faness,

            It would be similar but with Android it doesn't require a separate app.  Android apps have widgets that can display information on the home screens.  This isn't something that would require the use of the API.  I will look at the feature request.  

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    • Mike T Thank you for cluing me in here! :)

      Since an Android widget is something our development team would need to create, the feature request form is the best way to go. Thank you for taking a look at it! We can't guarantee any future features, but filling out that form lets our development team know what you'd like to see going forward.

  • I was just about to suggest the same thing. Luckily I did a quick search first!

    This would be really useful. I would love to be able to see how much is left in the clothing budget (for example) 'at-a-glance' when out shopping, without having to open up the full app and search for the relevant category.

    A fairly simple listing of categories with budget available would work. Then link back to the app for full functionality.

    Great suggestion!

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    • Hi Forest Green Thunder !

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this idea! If you have a moment, please submit a Feature Request to let our product team know your thoughts, too! :)

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  • Yes, hopefully this gains support. It seems simple and would vastly improve the experience of using YNAB on Android. Please do the feature request, to garner support, if you're looking for the same thing. 

  • Hey folks! I wanted to suggest a quick tip that may help save some scrolling in the meantime:

    You can pin categories to the top of your budget in the mobile app for easy access. On the Budget screen, tap a category and select Details. Then tap the Pin at the top right.

  • I'm very interested in this as well - I have various dashboards, and the ability of Mint and PC to do this is one big feature that I rely on which makes me struggle to use YNAB at a glance.

  • So, any chance we'll get this on Android now?  I mean we asked nicely a year ago and iOS got it as soon as the platform supported it.

    • jredders iOS is also able to actually use pending transactions, instead of just having them clutter up the screen with no purpose. 

    • jredders Periwinkle Flute We’re currently working on revamping our mobile apps! This means pretty significant structural and architectural enhancements to our Android app that will make it faster and easier to add new features in the future, but we need to complete these before we can tackle Pending Transactions, etc. I know the waiting game can be frustrating, this is one our team feels too—good things are coming down the line.

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    • Nicole The problem is that only Android users are patiently waiting. iOS users are continually getting improvements.

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    • Nicole thanks for letting us know. As a programmer I appreciate the info and the time well spent building a good foundation.

      Maybe consider a splash screen with a chosen categories. My partner could install the app and just use the spalsh screen so see the only numbers she cars about.

      Heck I'd use it too.

    • Green Tugboat We're excited too! Would that splash screen be an alternative to a widget or do you see it serving a different purpose? Our Product team would love to hear more details about the splash screen request if you have time.

      Your partner may find it helpful to pin categories to the top of the mobile app. That way, they could focus on the categories that matter to them! (This was mentioned earlier in the thread, so you may have tried it already.)

    • P.S. If any Android developers are following this thread, we're hiring for a senior position! 🎉  Application deadline is April 18th, 2021.

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