Backup before rework

We are considering a category rework. Prior to moving everything around (ynab and bank funds), is there a way to clone a budget? Incase we dont like the result I would like to keep the previous budget intact. How can I accomplish this?

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  • Maybe start with a completely new budget or make a fresh start?  Believe a fresh start takes the categories you have already started, just zero's out all the available amounts.  

    There is a class, on 7/2, about restarting your budget. It might be worth checking out?

    And, a class in the YouTube classes videos, here

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  • Hi RIP_MSMoney !

    We have plans for a "make a copy" option, but aren't quite there yet. To help here, you can make a Fresh Start, which will allow you to keep your categories, goals, and scheduled transactions, but clear out all budgeting and transaction history. And from there, rework your categories as you'd like and test out the new setup.

    YNAB will archive a copy of your current budget for reference, so you can return to that when you're done testing!

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      • 2 mths ago
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      Nicole there have been statements like this from YNAB support for years.  Is this actually going to make it as a feature release?  If so, when?

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    • Stockers68  You're right, these old threads can get a bit stale! Thanks for reaching out to our Product team about this.

  • In the absence of the "make a copy" option that is somewhere on the road map for development (and has been on the road map for over a year), your best bet is Fresh Start, play with the categories, see if you like them, then with much fear and trembling try to re-create what you did in the real budget.  No safety net, yuck.

    My plan for being in a similar situation to yours is to do my rework in the YNAB 4 budget I keep in sync with nYNAB, then re-import.  If we had "make a copy," I could let go of keeping duplicate records in YNAB 4.  As things stand, the web software isn't quite complete.

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      yeah the fresh start seems closest to what i am desiring. The idea of replaying the changes in the real budget would allow me to keep the historical transactions (which i need for taxes). Thanks everyone. Will be trying this in the next week or two

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  • I definitely enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author!

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