new month

new month same problem!!


this is my third time trying to get to grips with the monthly roll over when a new month starts☹️

today is start of new month so 2 things have happened:

  1. I have a red sign saying £58 needs to be budgeted - I have clicked on learn more but still not clear - where do I move money to and from?
  2. all my income figures are in green but the budgeted figures are orange? what do I need to do? just move  money from the income categories to those showing orange?  last couple of times I just started with a fresh budget but I know that's not the way to do it! Does my budget not roll over each month?


Sorry if they are silly questions but really frustrated with it - want to make the system work for me.

Any help appreciated.

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  • 1) If your TBB went negative at the month change over, you had overspending in the previous month that you didn't fix. So YNAB fixed it for you. You need to take those 58 from one or more of your categories, you have more cash budgeted than you have right now. Just click on it and move money from wherever you can to bring it back to zero.

    2) If they are orange and not negative, then you have goals you haven't met yet. It is just meant to draw your attention.

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  • Wait, income categories? I just reread what you wrote and now I'm confused. Your income should all just be getting categorized to To Be Budgeted, and then it gets budgeted out to your categories. Can you expand on this?

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  • Thanks Tobias, your query helped!!


    I had created income categories, force of habit from other budgeting software!

    I have corrected that now and changed income to to-be-budgeted.

    So my question is then, do I need to go through every category and allocate money or is there a quicker way to just allocate the same amount as last month?


    Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

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      greybeard21 If you look at the inspector on the right side of the screen, you will see the quick budget buttons. If you have no categories selected, then it will show the options for your budget as a whole. One of them is "Budgeted last month" and it will show how much that is. If you have enough in your To Be Budgeted to cover that amount, then you can hit that and it will copy the budgeted amounts from July into August. Then if you have money left over, you keep going and budget where the funds should be until you hit zero on your TBB.

      If you don't have enough funds, then you will need to decide where the money you have needs to go and when you get paid next, fill in the rest of the gaps. It just depends on how much money you have. Remember, YNAB is a cash based budget, so you are only budgeting the cash you have in your possession right now, and you need to budget all of it. This includes your savings goals, true expenses (the non-monthly stuff), etc.

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  • Thanks Tobias, using both the web app and iphone app I cant see the quick budget buttons.  There is a message saying the age of the money - 26 days.

    does it matter I have only one month of transactions recorded?

    • greybeard21 Web app only. [Edit: I stand corrected.] Amount of history is immaterial.

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      greybeard21 The quick budget buttons on the mobile app can be found by clicking the lightning bolt button at the top of the screen. They're on the far right on the web app. Right under where it says "quick budget"

    • Hi greybeard21 ! No questions are silly. There are a few things that happen when the month rolls over. This article goes over what happens to overspending, and the changes in your Budget in a little more detail. You've got this!

      To access Quick Budget in the mobile app, tap on the lightning bolt icon as Tobias mentioned. Here's a quick .gif to walk through the Quick Budget process!

      Let us know if you have any other questions. 🙂

  • Thanks everyone - have it sorted now!!

    Onwards and upwards - with my budget!!!


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