New user--please help! Q: can I eliminate a month??

Hi YNABers, I'm brand new here and finding there's a very steep learning curve. I started playing with the software a few days ago, in anticipation of my monthly paycheck (which arrives the last day of the month). Without thinking it through, this meant I started populating October with budget items when, in fact, October things are already long paid for! What I really want is just to start fresh with November, using the money earned October 31st.

Instead, I now have a residual budget for October, and it's showing every single category as unfunded (which isn't true: I paid all my bills in October before I joined the site). I assume this won't *really* affect things going forward, but is there anyway I can erase the whole of October, even though I joined on the 28th? I hate seeing all those yellow boxes--a bit discouraging as I'm trying to get this right.  Thanks if you can help!

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  • Just delete your budget entries in October, fund any spending that did happen between the 28th and 31st (so that October's available amounts are all 0 - doesn't matter what ends up in the budget column),  and start fresh with allocations in November. You've got the 31st's paycheck now, so you're fine.

    Don't worry about October's numbers being weird. Actually, I would use the end of October to budget your savings categories if you already have balances built up. That way, November will start to approximate a normal month (even though every month is actually different - it's nice to have a starting point).

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