Collapse/expand split transactions

Is there some magic to getting it to remember that I want split transactions to remain collapsed?  I spent a ton of time going through and making sure that they were all collapsed, and yet every time I log in they're all expanded again.  Is there a setting somewhere I need to check?

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  • You're not missing anything. The Toolkit Extension adds a Collapse All feature you may find useful.

    • dakinemaui I have the extension, but I never understood that feature.  Thanks!

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      • Amy
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      • 1 yr ago
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      dakinemaui Is it safe to add the toolkit extension? 

    • Amy I often wonder the same thing.  I use a MacBook and try to get all of my apps from the official Apple store and they no longer carry the YNAB extension.  Even when they did carry the extension the Apple store version was not the latest due to the rigorous review required before releasing it to the store.  Also, when you enable an extension in the browser there is a warning that the extension can read sensitive information from webpages including passwords, phone numbers, and credit card info.  

      I do use some extensions that I download from the Apple store but I do not enable portions of the extensions that warn about being able to read sensitive information.  I am fairly conservative when it comes to internet security.

      I think the YNAB extension is open source meaning that the code is open and available for anyone to look at so if there was a hook in there to do something naferious I would hope that other developers would spot it quickly, also I am sure there is a fairly good code review prior to a version being released.  

      With all of that being said I still do not use it.  I simply use YNAB as is out of the box.  I would rather be a little inconvenienced than expose my secure info.  I figure that warning is there for a reason.

    • Amy The toolkit is open source, so multiple, independent people have looked at it and are satisfied it is safe.

    • ynaber2613 Putting my contrarian hat on, I would note the same question can be asked of YNAB itself. How do we know they are not doing something nefarious with all our information?

      No independent review of YNAB's code has been done, as has been done with the Toolkit. It just comes down to trust on that front.

    • dakinemaui You may be correct.  I know a lot of people say that open source code is actually safer in that it is out there for all to review.  I guess we have to place our trust with unknowns most of the time and depend on reputation and protocols to protect us.  However, I do get a little unnerved  when there is a warning about an extension being able to read passwords.  As far as YNAB goes I do not link it to my bank accounts either mostly due to the fact that I prefer manual entry.  

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  • So the short answer to the original question is NO, YNAB out of the box does not have a way to make sure the split transactions stay collapsed. Sort of backwards if you ask me--seems the default should be to have them collapsed with the option to open if one needs to review. I'm disappointed. ☹️

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      • WordTenor
      • 7 mths ago
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      scamptx FWIW, the original version didn’t even allow them to be collapsed. 

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