How to "categorize" a credit card payment??

Steep learning curve continues; thanks for your help so far! I am confused about what is being looked when I am being asked to "categorize" a credit card payment.

For example, this month I sent $1000 from my checking account to my Chase credit card. And looking at the app on my phone, I now see two transactions: the $1000 deleted from my checking, and $1000 sent to my card that I'm being asked to "categorize." What does this mean? Is it asking me to forensically retrieve what I spent on the card?? I'm really not interested in micro-managing that from the back end in that way and want to keep things simple. Instead, I'm keeping an eye on my budget on the *front* end, and am only swiping what I know I have budgeted, just as I would do with an ATM card.

To further clarify, I use this card for almost all non-bill transactions (great points program!) and pay it off every month. I'm not having any managing this financially, and  I don't actually have any credit card debt that's more than 30 days old (and haven't in years). So, what's the best way to handle this? Shall I just delete those transactions on my phone ($1000 out; $1000 in) to get things zeroed?

Thanks for any help!

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  • Edit one of those transactions to change the Payee to a Transfer/Payment from the other account. Then delete the non-transfer duplicate in the other account.

    There is no category for payments because money does not leave the budget.

  • Oh! I see! Thank you!

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  • Hopefully YNAB will remember this association, but best practice is to enter manually or via the scheduler so you know it's correct.

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