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I'm a long-time user of YNAB4 who has just recently switched to the web-based YNAB program. I have a minor issue that is bugging me. Whenever I open YNAB in an account page and then click on the Budget Icon to see how things are going for the month, the Budget page that opens up is for the first month that I set-up my budget. It usually takes me a few moments to figure out why things don't look quite right for the current month. I would much prefer that the program would default to the Budget for the current month. It will do this for the length of time I am using YNAB in a session, but the next time I log on, it's back to defaulting to the first month I set up my budget. BTW, this only seems to hold for the web-based program, not the app. Is there any way to reset this function?

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    How are you first accessing the YNAB web app? Is it through a bookmark in your browser /shortcut on your desktop? 

    If so, sometimes the bookmark will save the month you were looking at, and you'll automatically return to that month when you use the bookmark. Double check that you've bookmarked just "https://app.youneedabudget.com/", and edit the bookmark if not.

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  • Thanks, Ben. That indeed solved my problem.

  • Thanks for asking this! I was having the same issue, and this fix has also solved it.

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