Is there a way to have transactions on my connected checking & CC accounts automatically enter into YNAB?

I had previously used EveryDollar, and the premium feature offered this feature, but I haven't found it in YNAB. Is this a feature in the software, and if so, how do I use it?

Thanks you guys for your help!

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  • Yes, if you link your accounts in YNAB and supply your credentials the transactions will automatically import.   You can also click the Import link at the top of each account to manually initiate an update.    I came from EveryDollar as well. You will probably like YNAB much better - it is absolutely the best budgeting software on the market. The biggest difference for me was the flexibility to move money from one budget category to another.  The YNAB way of budgeting will still allow you to follow Dave's financial principles, but I highly recommend that you also learn the 4 rules that YNAB is built around.  Hope this helps!

  • YNAB does not offer "automatic import" it offers "direct import". Once you link your accounts, if there are transactions to import there will be an icon next to the account name and you'll click on it and it will download the transactions. Transactions won't import until after they fully clear your financial institution. Therefore the official YNAB practice is to manually enter and use the import as a back-up/double check. Otherwise your budget categories will not be accurate for days at a time.

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  • Hi Spring Green Thunder !

    When you add a linked account, we first import just your Starting Balance.

    After that, we’ll import transactions that clear on or after the date of your Starting Balance. Your financial institution may hold a transaction as “pending” for a day or two, but once they are cleared/posted, they should be available to import in YNAB within 24 hours.

    In the web app, you’ll see a notification dot next to accounts that have transactions to import (or approve/categorize). When you select the account, you’ll see a banner along the top.

    Clicking the banner will import new transactions and apply a search to show you just those transactions and any others that need to be approved or categorized. When you’re done, you can click the 'clear search' link at the bottom!

    • If you're having trouble with a connection, let us know and we're happy to take a closer look! 😄

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