Need some help before month rolls over

I'm hoping someone can give me a tip on getting back on track - I had to budget the whole month of March because my cheque wouldn't arrive until yesterday.  I had everything covered and was feeling proud because its only my second month and I felt that if I stuck to it and followed the budget I could get my next cheque and then just budget forward and I'd be ok.  Unfortunately, a last minute trip came up and I basically threw the budget to the wind and went away for a few days.  I put most of the expenses on my credit card.  I am now back to my budget and I got money yesterday so I want to get back on track.  I have about 75 transactions that have not been categorized and I am really worried about everything rolling over to the next month because I think I will be really confused.  Before I categorize things that I spent and didn't have cash for (credit card spending), should I just zero out all the budgeted items that I didn't spend before the next month and then rebudget everything with the new income.  I can tell that I'm getting confused and I really want to give this a good try.  Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

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  • Enter in the transactions, then make the necessary budget adjustments to eliminate the overspending. You have time to get it done. There's nothing that says March will be locked down permanently as soon as the clock strikes midnight April 1st.

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      nolesrule Yeah, this isn't Mint.

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    • nolesrule Agreed just assign everything to the correct category then apply Rule 3. 

      If you have enough in other categories to cover the over spending do so. 

      You mentioned you put everything on a credit card. You have two choices, you either cover your overspending with cash from other categories or you let that overspending roll over as debt. 

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