Setting goals via the API

Is it possible to create or update a goal for a given category in PATCH /budgets/{budget_id}/months/{month}/categories/{category_id} or is that explicitly only for updating the budgeted amount and nothing else?

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  • Since nobody seems to know I tried several attempts to set a goal with this and nothing worked. It seems it only accepts a budgeted amount and nothing else, even though the response body will include other things like goals, I was hoping it would take that as well but I couldn't seem to get that to work.  I really hope this changes as I want to set a monthly funding goal that may change over time I rather change it automatically via the API than manually.

  • Sorry for the late response, Slate Blue . As you've discovered, it's not possible to create/update goals via the API. And `budgeted` is the only attribute you can send in.

    If you have a moment, would you mind submitting a Feature Request for this? It lets our development team know what's important to you. Thanks!

    And anyone else interested can do the same. For this or any other feature request. :)

    • George I have, in fact I sent a more general request to add write access to all API end-points, and a more specific request to allow goals to be set via the API.

      I am actually working on creating a set of API integrations, which I will make publicly accessible, to expand ynab to deal with some of the limitations of the software. One such thing is for the limited types of goals, where I am planning on allowing users to create other goal types and essentially converting that to a monthly funding goal.  I would like to go as far as to automatically set that monthly funding goal for the user by the API, for now I guess I'm going to have to settle telling the user what to set as the monthly funding goal and have them manually set it, and probably notify them via email as the monthly funding amount changes.

      I know I have recently read that you are working n adding more goal types directly into ynab, so that may make this unnecessary, I guess that'll depend on what specific types of goals you add, but certainly allowing this to be set via API would mean you don;t have to be exhaustive with how many goal types you offer and can focus on just the most commonly requested types, and allow API integrations like the one I am working on handle edge cases.  In fact, in general that's why I'd like to see more write access via the API to allow more custom tools to handle all sorts of different types of edge cases where you don;t have the time, or desire, to implement certain things.

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