Just saved one month's fixed expenses

I just saved one month's fixed expenses! Thank you YNAB and community!  


Next goal is one month's true expenses.

Do you count true expenses in your EF of 3-6 months expenses?

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    Awesome work!  My feeling is it's better to have those payments as part of the expenses set aside to ensure your budget won't suffer stress if you can't cover them on a reduced or nil income or if the  time spent on reduced or nil income is longer than anticipated. 

    I spend 8 months of last year with majorly reduced income.  What really killed me  was not having the amounts ready for the usual large expenses.  I was borrowing where I couldn't evade and so the hole got bigger.  Six months after resuming work and I'm still not clear!

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  • I keep next months expenses in my checking and then 3-6 in my savings with the same bank as my checking, and all savings beyond that in a high interest savings account!

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