Convert Budget to a New Currency

A tutorial how to quickly convert your whole YNAB budget to use a different currency and not lose any transactions or reports.

Using the export and import fucntion in YNAB, together with a spreadsheet software such as Google Sheets, you can accomplish this under 10 minutes.

  1. Export the whole budget as .csv
  2. Open file: "[budgetname] - as of [date] - register.csv"
    - Use your favorite app but make sure you can adjust how the data is imported.
    - Make sure the Outflow and Inflow cells are imported as numbers and not text.
  3. Add two new columns to convert outflow and inflow into new values using your currency and current exchange rate. Fill remaining rows with same formula.
  4. Copy all these new values and “Paste Special” (to paste only the values of these cells) into the old Outflow and Inflow columns. 
  5. Delete the new columns so spreadsheet looks the same as when you started just with new values (it doesn’t matter if the currency symbol is gone.
  6. Export as .csv
  7. “Make a Fresh Start” in YNAB and change currency.
  8. Import new .csv into YNAB in “All Accounts”
  9. Mass approve everything and set all missing Categories to “Inflow: To Be Budgeted”
  10. Go back to the first month of your budget and hit “Set Available Amounts to 0” in the quick budget window. Do this for every month.
  11. DONE!


I wrote a Javascript code to run in the console that would automatically find all the transaction values and convert them. It worked great except... I couldn't figure out how to trigger the eventListner to save the new values and send to server. I tried to find the function that runs when "clicking outside the cell" or hitting "return or shift" but wasn't able to isolate the right code. 


Anyone knows about that? Would be so much easier AND we would be able to convert all the budgeted values too.

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  • Philip, my old YNAB was in EUR and I only deal in that currency.  I transferred to new YNAB just now and your method is too complicated for me.  Is there another way to just turn my whole budget into EUR?  I don't use any other currency, so I don't need to deal with exchange rates. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Hi Khaki Major !

      You can change the currency in your budget by clicking on the name of your budget in the upper left hand corner, selecting Budget Settings and updating your Currency preferences there.

    • Khaki Major Like Faness said. You don't need to convert your budget if you just want the symbols to change. My method is for people who need to use the exchange rate to convert their whole budget to a new currency. Changing symbols is easy and can be done back and forth as many times as you like without affecting your actual budget.

      Here's a quick demo:

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      Faness  Thanks, it worked!

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