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I moved money from the Vacation budget to Visa. That was not really what I wanted to do. How do I UNDO that move?  Or where can I see a history - including that Mobe so that I can move the exact Sam amount back to Vacation?


Or, how do I revert to the budget as it was yesterday?

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  • If you have YNAB open and have not closed it or navigated away from it since you made the move, you can hit the undo button (It is approximately under the date near the top of the screen in the left third of the screen). Otherwise, you just have to guesstimate what you did.

  • I made the move on the mobile app (iOS) and do not see an undo option. 

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  • Can I revert to the budget as it was yesterday?

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    • Hi Slate Blue Hammer !

      The undo option is currently only available in the web app, so you wouldn't be able to undo that move you entered in the mobile app. There also isn't an option to revert a budget to a previous date. You can estimate the amount you believed was moved and move it back Going forward, using the Goals feature may help avoid this issue if you'd like a certain amount in Vacation each month.

    • Faness  in an age where so many people use their phones more than computers it would be great if you gave your app more functions. I just did a similar move and now instead of really knowing my budget (the whole bloody point of this app) I get to estimate my budget. I cannot even delete my mistake. 

      Please work on improving this app. Between not being able to correct mistakes,  and it not linking to my bank anymore I'm not enjoying my free trial much. 

    • Sea Green Gazelle Thanks for the feedback! When you have a moment, would you mind submitting a Feature Request? That form goes directly to our development team so you can let them know what you’d like to see going forward. We are always continuing developing our app. 


      I'd be happy to help you with your bank account, too! Can you let me know which account you're having trouble linking? 

    • Chrissy is a Wsecu checking account. They updated their website a few weeks ago and, based on prior discussions with ynab people, your team is working on getting reconnected. I try logging in about once a week.  

      Yes,  I will fill out the request form.  Funny that wasn't recommended to the people having the same issue 9 months ago. 

    • Hi Sea Green Gazelle ! Yes, Washington State Employees CU made some updates to their platform and our Direct Import partner has to make some changes on their side to re-establish the connection. 😀

      The Feature Request Form is a newer process, so that's why you're not seeing it mentioned in older posts. We made some changes to have all of our customer feedback go to into the same system! We really appreciate you taking the time to fill that out. Thank you so much!

    • Sea Green Gazelle 100% agree. The screen animations in mobile trip me up at times and I end up moving money from the wrong place. Especially annoying is that credit cards appear at the top of the list of options, which really wreaks havoc. That's probably why I have a problem with the balance on one of them right now.

      Undo on mobile is *mandatory*. Moroever, when funding an overspent category, it would be really nice if the options were sorted in order of most recently used. Then I wouldn't fat-finger credit cards so much.

      Making one simple mistake in a budget, without undo, and without visible history, makes users go down the rabbit hole of manually reconciling against a statement, which is a terrible and error-prone task. 

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  • If it's a paid in full credit card and you normally have the Available Payment amount equal to the current balance on the Visa card, then the difference between those two amounts now is the amount to budget back to your Vacation category.

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  • I use YNAB exclusively on mobile, unless I have a balance mismatch and then I open up my computer to use it as a "second screen" to do manual reconciliation.

    Sadly, without "move money" history, I end up with weird negative budgets when I accidentally put money towards a cable bill that is already paid, and then move that to the original intended destination.

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