Overspent in May

In June I it says that  -53.68 overspent in May.  Where is this coming from and how can I correct it.  This is driving me crazy.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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  • Go back to May and correct the over spending, something should be in red I believe.  It might change things in June so watch for that.  

  • Yes, look for anything red or orange in May. It should total up to what it says your overspent amount is. 

  • Hi Steel Blue Octopus !


    I third what Jeff and TryingToGetAhead said! If it says up top (in the breakdown of the To Be Budgeted number) that you overspent in May, go back to May and scroll down until you find a red overspent category. From there, just move money from other categories until the red is back to gray (or green!). 

    If you don't have the money to cover it in May, have no fear, the overspending was already taken care of when you received your first inflow in June. 😊

  • That is the problem, I go back to May and everything is white in the available column.  There is one that is orange but I did not have a payment for that for May.  Nothing is red. Then when I go to July I have -$63.37 over spent in June.  Yes this is in the breakdown of the To Be Budgeted number.  It is also throwing off the To Be Budgeted number, in June I still have $61.84 to be budgeted but in July I am -$1.53 to be budgeted.

  • ugh...this is driving me crazy.  Now it says I spent -25.76 in cash in June.  How in the world does it know I spent cash?

  • It seems your budget got out of hand and you have two choices.  1) Fix the overspending from last month, and adjust this month to reflect the results.  or 2) Do a fresh start and try again.  

    I like to go back and fix things but it isn't necessary.  The budget does you no good if you don't keep up with it.  With a fresh start, you don't have to figure out what happened last month but you also don't get the learning it offered.  If you choose to do a fresh start I would recommend keeping on top of your budget more closely going forward.  

  • I don't know how it could have gotten out of hand when I look at it every day.  So I guess there is no explanation to my two problems then.  No way I am going to do a fresh start.  I just want to know where the amounts are coming from...the overspent and cash spending ones.

    • Steel Blue Octopus A couple of things stood out to me here. 

      1. Do you have any hidden categories in your budget? Hidden categories are still categories, so if they're negative that overspending could be hidden.

      2. In the category that is orange, is there any cash spending included in that category? If YNAB says you spent cash, it's saying that amount was taken out of a cash account (Checking or Savings accounts).

      If you still can't find the culprit, I think a screenshot of what you're seeing on your end would be a great help! :)

  • I finally figured out where the =$53.68 showing overspent in May was coming from.  I paid $100 payment to Discover in May but on the right side for whatever reason it was showing $153.68 payment.  It was not showing red in the available category though.  I just clicked on Activity and it showed the $100 payment and when I closed it the right side was then showing the $100 payment and the -$53.68 was not showing as overspent.  Some kind of glitch maybe???  But it is fixed now.

    • Steel Blue Octopus That's odd! Just clicking on it corrected the error? If so, it sounds like it could've been a refresh issue. If that pops up again, please let us know! :)

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