Price Drop - Cash Back apps.

Does anyone use price drop or cash back apps like Paribus, Waldo or Earny? If so, what's your experience been like? Every penny counts, but I know there are privacy concerns as well. They are yet another service to connect with an account in this age of data breaches... I work at a credit union, so we see a lot about that.


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  • Hi Cyan Android !

    I haven't had any personal experience with these apps, but I'll take a closer look at them. A quick search compared Earny to Ibotta, which I heard great things about but never truly got much of a benefit from. I'd definitely look into any security concerns first, but if they're safe, it may not hurt to try. :)

  • I use Rakuten (formerly eBates) and love it! They frequently have 10-20% cash back days or weekends, so if I know we are going to make a big purchase I will keep an eye on the website and wait for one of those days. They also have a browser pop up for Chrome that tells you if the website you're on has an offer. You can also link in-store offers. Once a quarter I get money to my paypal, you can also get money sent to you as a paper check or to a gift card to a store you choose.


    I have used Honey, it just searches for coupon codes - I still use it sometimes but if you turn on Honey it turns off Rakuten so I just make sure to turn Rakuten back on before I check out. 


    I had signed up for Paribus, its thru Capital One I believe. I have only gotten money back one time from that when something went on sale after I bought it. It is asking me to create a new profile to update with the system changes but I haven't bothered doing it yet because I forgot I had it. CapitalOne also has WikiBuy which seems to be like Rakuten, I have not really looked into it yet.

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    I tried Ibotta, wasn't worth the time I thought.

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    We use Ibotta and Savingstar, as well as for groceries. It's not huge savings, but adds up over time for little effort, especially if your grocery store has a card you can associate with the sites so you don't have to send in a photo of the receipt.

    Also, try to find a site that researches deals for your grocery store and combines them with available printable and electroniccoupons. Saves a lot of time.

    For online shopping, we use ebates/Rakuten. The browser plug-in is a nice reminder to activate cashback deals. For in-store, it's mainly used for Bed Bath & Beyond.

  • Thank you all for your replies, appreciate it!

  • I think Fluz is a better app especially when buying clothes. Their rebates are so much higher and u can scan your receipt in case you missed a cash back

  • I've used Ebates/Rakuten for years, and sometimes you can catch good things on there. It really just depends on where you shop frequently whether or not it's worth it. I've had no problem getting a pay out from them (I've been with them so long that they usually send me a paper check because that was how it was done in the beginning!)

  • I had an annoying thing happen with the Capital One Shopping Chrome add on. Before making online purchases, it automatically applies discount codes for you. Well, it added a military discount for me even though I was never in the military. I would never disrespect the military like that and take that discount when I wasn't in it. Luckily, I caught it and removed it before making the purchase.

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