Deposit 'imported' twice

So my paycheck was deposited once but is showing up and 'imported' twice. Deleting the amount of that deposit totally changes the amount that is really in my account to a negative balance and reconciling hasn't done anything either because YNAB totally believes that the second deposit is real. I am totally stumped by this. Please send help. 

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  • Hi Cadet Blue Screwdiver !

    It sounds like you may be missing other transactions in your account, so your balance in YNAB has fallen out of sync with your actual bank account balance.

    YNAB only imports your balance once. From there, the balance is updated by the transactions you enter and import. This means if your balance in YNAB isn’t matching your bank, there is a transaction problem. 

    You have total control of the balance—look for the following in your register, fix any discrepancies, and you’ll be back on track:

    • Transactions that have cleared the bank but have a gray C next to them
    • Missing transactions that need to be entered or imported
    • Transactions you entered or imported that have the wrong amount (maybe inverted, 0.34 instead of 0.43, for example)
    • Duplicate transactions
    • An incorrect starting balance

    You could open a separate browser window for the YNAB account and your online statement to more quickly check them back and forth.

    Once the transactions entered in YNAB exactly match what's in your bank account, your numbers should be back on track. :)

  •  It's showing up twice. I did not manually enter either transaction.   

    • Cadet Blue Screwdiver Thanks for the example! I see you wrote in via email, so I replied there and we'll dig in. 😄

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