Cannot link account with BECU (Boeing Credit Union)

Hi all,

I have been unable to link my BECU checking and savings account to YNAB, despite several attempts.  I've following several of the guidelines provided, but still unsuccessful.  The error message I receive consistently is "The login information wasn't recognized. Try logging in to your institution directly, then try again here."

Here is what I've tried so far:

- Logged into BECU directly via another tab on browser as suggested to "logging in to your institution directly, then try again"

- Confirmed the URL is correct

- Changed my password at BECU to only have Upper/lower case characters and numbers (no symbols or special charcters)

- Un-linked, removed, and attempted re-link

- Attempted same approach over several days

At this point, I can't figure out any other way to connect the account.  According to the YNAB status page, there should be a 84% success rate, but I'm getting 0%.

Any ideas?

- KK

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  • Contact YNAB support. I've also had trouble with BECU, but they've always been able to get me sorted out, although sometimes it's taken several days.

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  • Hi KK !

    It sounds like you've done just about every troubleshooting trick in the book! Since you're still having trouble, I'm going to reach out via email with next steps. This sounds like something our Direct Import partner will need to fix. :)

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  • Thank you both for your responses.  Faness  - I responded to your email to me.   The connection is still failing this morning and I'll keep monitoring as you wait for a formal response from your Direct Import Manager.  

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  • Hi. I'm having the same problem linking BECU. I've also tried disabling BECU's text verification, as I thought that might do the trick, but still no luck. YNAB Support, can you help?

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    • Hi Blue Thunder !

      Sorry for the trouble! We've just noticed a rise in errors of this nature from BECU so we've asked our Direct Import partner to investigate. We're waiting for an update from them and we'll update our status page once we have one! 

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    • Faness Thank you. I spoke with BECU and they're doing a system update on Dec 8 that will hopefully solve this. 

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    • Blue Thunder That is great news! Our Direct Import partner is working on the connection so hopefully it will all fall together - I'll keep my fingers crossed! :)

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  • Hello, 

    We’re really excited to give YNAB a go, but experiencing the same trouble with connecting a BECU account- we’re stuck until that’s resolved.

    One bit of info that may help- each time I try to connect in YNAB, BECU texts me a verification code to enter... but there is no opportunity to enter that number.  It’s clear BECU is trying to verify a connection from a new location and I’m just unable to do that within YNAB’s interface.  

    Hopefully that’s part of what the direct import partner is working on!



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    • Hi Ben! Green Orca 

      Thank you for sharing those details! I've passed them along to our Direct Import partner to make sure they're looking in the right direction! :)

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      • Ben
      • Green_Orca.5
      • 6 days ago
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      Faness I got in today!  BECU sent me several texts with validation codes the last (and successful) time I connected, but it seemed to handle that behind the scenes without trouble.  YNAB did prompt me for one security question, but after that all of my accounts & transactions were downloaded successfully.  Since then, it's working beautifully. 

      Now we're just working on wrapping our heads around how to change our thinking to align with YNAB's process- will take a little time, but feeling good.  

      Many thanks for your quick response- 

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    • Ben Yay! :)

      I'm happy to hear things are up and running! We know getting started can be the hardest part, but we're here to help! If you haven't already, take a look at our free, online workshops - our education team is amazing and you can even ask questions live! :)

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    • Faness I'm in now too! Thanks everyone & best wishes for budgeting. :)

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    • Blue Thunder Good news all around - happy to hear it! :)

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      • TedStryker
      • Pilot & Business Consultant (I can do both, right?)
      • TedStryker
      • 2 days ago
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      Faness Is this officially resolved? The status page still shows it yellow.

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    • TedStryker Sorry for the trouble! This has not been officially resolved (we're still seeing an elevated number of YNABers running into this issue). As our Direct Import partner continues to work on things, we've seen more connections go through successfully, but we're not completely out of the woods just yet!

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