How to create a future "Budget Template" while funds remain in categories?

I am going through the steps to create(with goals and scheduled payments) a budget template for next month (October). Per the Budget Templates guidance posting(s), I am looking at the Underfunded Quick Budget number to see what my future budget template expenses will be, and realize that since I have unspent funds in many categories in my current September budget month, this is reducing the Underfunded value from giving me a true total on my October Budget Template. 

There's probably some real simple equation involving adding some YNAB value to the YNAB Underfunded value to get the number I am looking for -- but I am no accountant, nor rocket scientist. But I am staying around after class in case anyone wants to help me with my homework here! 😁

1,000 word picture attached...

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  • How have you set up your goals?

    If it's a Monthly Funding Goal, the existing money in the category is irrelevant, because it wants the same amount every month.

    If it's a Target Category Balance goal, then YNAB considers it underfunded by (goal amount - category balance). But if that's your goal, I don't see why ignoring the existing balance would be any more accurate or typical than rolling with what's there now.

    If it's a Target Category Balance by Date goal, it's also affected by the existing amount in the category, of course.

    So if you want to see the total monthly cost of your Budget Template goals (and scheduled transactions), either set them all to Monthly Funding goals, or understand that calculating them all off of zero-balance categories is contrary to what you told YNAB you want.

  • Maybe Faness could take a look at this too, since she is a strong supporter of the Budget Template help document/posting. I was expecting I could similarly see a calculation of the income required to cover next month's upcoming transactions and budget funding goals. Unfortunately, it does indeed appear that YNAB and a Budget Template cannot give you a total of funds required in the next month budget template when there are funds awaiting use in the current month. IF I am understanding things, I only see 2 choices for seeing a total of required funds: pencil and paper the old fashioned way, or waiting until the last day of the month when all current month pending transaction are completed. --I think? 

  • So mamster , I may be starting to get what you were explaining... I did have some budget categories that only had pending transactions and NO monthly budget goals -- I thought I was supposed to set up EITHER scheduled transactions OR budget goals, but not both-- that having both in a single budget category would be committing all sorts of budgeting sins. But when I added a monthly budget goal along with my pending mortgage payment transaction, just like magic YNAB keeps things all sorted out. My underfunded budget value now appears to be back to what I am looking for-- a total of funds I'll need when I start the new month. 

    If ya'll think I'm on the right track, I'll mark this as answered. And thanks!

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      • mamster
      • mamster
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Orchid Panther Yes, it's fine to have both scheduled transactions and a goal in the same category; I do it all the time. Hopefully this will get you the report you're after.

      Another thing you can do if you really want to is zero out your categories, look at the underfunded amount, and then Undo.

      • Jannelle
      • jannelle_ynabsupport
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Orchid Panther It does indeed sound like you're on the right track! Here are some extra resources too, since you mentioned looking for those. 😊


      Original blog post about creating a Budget Template.

      Help doc about budget templates.

      The Set Up Your Budget Workshop (which sometimes can include the particulars of a budget "template") 


      I hope all that helps! It sounds like you're doing amazingly though. 😊

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