Fell off the budgeting wagon & picked up CC debt. Help us get back on?

Hi everyone, 
So I was a big fan and longtime user of YNAB4. I like the new version just fine, but life got crazy and we stopped having budgeting meetings and then life got crazier and I stopped doing the budgeting for both of us. Then we took a trip to Italy, part of which was reimbursed, part of which was not-- which led to the creation of some new credit card debt that we couldn't pay right away. (Kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity that we didn't have sufficient time to plan/budget for once we knew it was going to really happen. I know, I know, don't scold, ok?) 

So my critical question: 

I'd like for us to do a Fresh Start to get us back into the Budget habit, but to also help us reevaluate our priorities. Our current budget was created when YNAB was released, so it's  at least a few years old. 

When you do a Fresh Start, is there the opportunity to create a pre-YNAB debt category? Since basically, we've been acting like there's no YNAB anyway? Or do I just need to create a whole new budget from scratch in order to get a pre-YNAB debt budget line to show up so we can start working on paying down that debt?

Any help would be most welcome. Thanks! 

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  • When you do Fresh Start, you can create any new categories that you'd like. It basically just copies your template of categories onto a new budget without all of your previous transactions/overspending, etc. It keeps all of your regular transactions that were there as well. It won't delete your budget pre-Fresh Start either, you can always access that again if you need/want to. 

    I just created a Fresh Start myself after falling off the wagon with Christmas Shopping impulsivity. Trying to get back on this month and starting 2018 for some aggressive debt paydown! 

    Does that answer your question? 

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      g.359   Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it! -It kind of does. I guess what I'm really wondering is how to add a debt line like it does for pre-YNAB debt. But I think I've figured it out, especially now that they've updated credit card handling. I think that I can just track that category (CC) and set a goal there to pay down the debt by a certain date. I get the sense that these are new options, and I'm really appreciating them! I don't think I have to do a fresh start after all.  Good luck with your new budget!

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      lfree  Ohh. I'm getting the sense that what you're asking is more related to the older version of YNAB, which I am not at all familiar with since I'm so new to it! 


      It's hard to face the reality of budgeting at first. I know it will be worth it! I'm excited about this forum to seek inspiration and know I'm not alone in my budgeting journey. 

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