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Hello all,

Can anyone advise if it is possible to change the working month dates from the 1st to the 1st  to other dates? I get paid on the 26th of the month and as such I want the budget functions to work from the 26th 00:00 to the 25th 23:59:59.

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  • No. You cannot change the display from standard calendar month to your personal pay cycle.

    I get where your questions is coming from. I too am paid once a month and a few days before the end of the month. I was accustomed to using some of that end-of-the-month paycheque to finish paying expenses in the month received, and most of it in the following month, but always running a little short before the end of the month.  I too saw my planning month as overlapping the calendar months. To get into step with the standard calendar month view, I reassigned some savings money to use for living expenses in the few days remaining of the calendar month and used the entire paycheque for the next month's expenses. I only had to do this once to get into step.

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  • HappyDance is spot on. While it's not possible to adjust the month start/end dates, the YNAB Method will work with any pay schedule. In fact, I think this is where YNAB shines the brightest. 

    There's a great Whiteboard Wednesday episode on this if you have about five minutes to spare. :-)

    To sum up, what you do when you’re paid is more important than the date itself. Use these three steps: 

    1. Record your income.
    2. Give those dollars a job. Ask yourself, “What does this money need to do before I’m paid again?”. If that includes expenses for next month, move forward in time and budget there. 
    3. Spend. Don’t forget to check your category balances first! 

    Once you get into that rhythm, you might notice that it’s not about the calendar or the pay period. You’ll see that it comes right back down to those three steps and that one very important question: “What does this money need to do before I’m paid again?”. 

    We know it's an adjustment so keep asking questions! 

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for your responses and i understand the need to forget dates. However, i still do not fully understanding.

    I have a budget on an excel spread sheet and indeed no dates are involved in the calculations hence every penny can be budgeted for.

    However, that does not tell me the reality of where my money actually goes.

    The way i would like to use YNAB is such that at the end of every month the balance is zero hence when the next month comes i have the full income to play with. Example. I get paid on the 26th, lets say £2000. Between the 26th and the 1st i have obligatory transactions for bills etc that take place which basically means that by the time the 1st comes around YNAB does not report that I have £2000 to budget.

    I should point out that I have not been entering records onto YNAB but rather import actual data from my banks etc (no direct import possible in the UK). I'd rather see actual data than fictional data. 

    Please don't get me wrong. I like YNAB and intend to play with it more to try to understand but for me allowing the financial pay month to be set would be beneficial to my mind.

    As a separate question. I have used both YNAB web and Classic. They both have there own merits and pitfalls but it is a shame that YNAB does not allow people to have the option for online or classic, With Classic i see more control over the security of ones own data.

    A pro for YNAB Web is the ability to set goals. A con is not being able to see more than one months budgeting as classic does.

    Can anyone advise if it is at all possible to obtain a licence for YNAB classic even though it will no longer be supported? I'd prefer control over my own shared financial data.

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      Magenta Banjo YNAB4/classic isn't sold any longer, unfortunately., since it's no longer officially supported. 

    • Magenta Banjo If you owned YNAB4, it is still available to download, I think YNAB support can look up your product license key for you.

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      Magenta Banjo OK, I'm having trouble understanding the issue here. You say that between getting paid on the 26th and the end of the month you have bills to pay, so by the 1st of the next month you don't have £2000 left to budget. Surely this is the expected behaviour, if you are paying for those bills out of the most recent income? You then use what is left in To Be Budgeted for the next month until your next pay day, then start the cycle again. I guess the aim really is to eventually get away from relying on that month's pay to pay for those end of the month bills, and use the previous month's pay, as in getting away from the pay day to pay day cycle, but until then the behaviour that you see is the one that you have to work with.

  • Save up enough money to cover what you need to pay between your payday and the end of the month, and then you can use all of your pay to cover the next calendar month. Done.

    There was awesome functionality in YNAB4 that allowed you to push your income forward into the next month. It's a shame they removed that feature for some inexplicable reason. In fact, using that feature was the old YNAB rule 4 and most people found it extremely useful.

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  • Yep...one of the many reasons why I am still using YNAB 4 and will continue to do so as long as it works.

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