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I make heavy use of scheduled transactions.  Occasionally I realize that an upcoming transaction is not going to happen this month and I would like to 'skip' it for one period.  To do this today I need to use the 'Enter now' option in the edit menu and then delete the transaction manually.  If instead this could be done in a single operation from the edit menu called 'Skip' that would be the awesomeist!


Thanks and I love your software.

Andrew Lucas

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  • Ah, great idea. I'll add that to our list of features that the design team can review. And thanks for the context, too! 

    I'm actually going to move this over to the App Functions channel so that you can get some more interaction with the community.

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  • When I'm in that situation I just change the date on the scheduled transaction to one month later.

  • As  JoeDid said, currently all you need to do is double-click the transaction and change the date to the next month, however, a skip button would be perfect - my bank has this function for recurring payments and it really does make life easier. 

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  • And a Skip button would allow me to skip multiple transactions with only a single step.

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  • What happens if you delete the transaction that you don't need? I didn't think of this until now...I hope it doesn't delete all future occurrences of that transaction.


    Example: I have a scheduled transaction set up for a credit card payment. Let's say I paid the card off, so the balance is now zero. I don't need to make this month's payment, but I might use the card again, and want the scheduled payment in there to remind me to pay it next month. If I delete this month's, will it also delete all future occurrences?

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      gourdo Depends.  If you delete it while it is a scheduled transaction, all occurrences disappear.  If you wait until it is completed and then delete it, it only deletes that one since the next is already scheduled.  

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