Tell me about your Wish Farm...

I have only recently been introduced to the idea of the Wish Farm, but I love it as a way to be more intentional about "splurge" spending and other purchases. 

That said...I feel a bit overwhelmed when I think about what all to put in my wish list and I feel like a lot of other people are probably similar to me. So, I was hoping y'all might be willing to share some or all of your wish lists so that we can inspire each other. 

I'm still figuring out things to put in mine - the trick is to be specific so I've been thinking about this for several days at this point. 


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  • You've got an awesome start! I wouldn't worry too much about populating your wishlist all at once. Just add stuff there whenever you think of something you might want. I think you've already got a good amount to go on so far. I think my favorites of yours are "new hair style" and "Hamilton Tickets." :) 

    Here's mine. Might give you a few ideas -

    We also have separate wish lists for myself and my wife. We use those as a place to save separately with our personal spending money. As you can see, my wife has all sorts of things. For me, it's just video games.

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  • We have a lot of travel destinations, but also a canoe, a kiln, chickens, a piercing, and a Tesla (because it's a wish list, so why not!)

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