Deleted Budget

I accidentally deleted the wrong budget. I had created a new budget and tried to delete it. But accidentally deleted the budget that I have been using for the past 2 years. 

Is there a way to bring this budget back from the dead?



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  • I would email [email protected] asap. They may be able to do something and will most likely be much faster in their response than anyone from YNAB on here.

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    • ChicagoFlyer Thanks. I've emailed them already. Hopefully they can help.

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    • Matthew Watkins Yes, support should be able to save that budget for you! They'll need your permission to access the account, but should be able to get you back up and budgeting after that!

      Since you've reached out to them, I'm going to mark this as closed, but if you have any questions about it feel free to mention me and I'd be more than happy to answer! :)

  • I hate to beat a dead horse to death but if YNAB would implement the capability to restore a previously saved export file then you could do it yourself.  I bring this up often when appropriate.

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  • Matthew Watkins were you able to get the deleted budget. I kinda did the same thing 

    • Hi Mugs !

      I'm happy to say - we are able to recover deleted budgets! :)

      We'll need your permission to access your account, so I've reached out via email. Respond there and we'll get things back up and running! 

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      Faness thanks for following up. Yep, the team did restore everything. Thanks for all the help. 

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    • Mugs You're very welcome! I'm happy to hear you were able to get everything back up and running! :)

    • Faness Do you know if there is a plan to allow a user to load a previously saved export file?  This would allow a user to load a file from any date and start over from any a particular point.

    • ynaber2613 I just responded to your other forum post, but I'll answer here as well! :)

      You can already import an exported file using File Based Importing. However, categories don't carry over with File Based Import, so it takes quite a bit of cleaning up afterwards.

  • I accidentally deleted my whole budget, also. Is there an updated way to handle this without waiting for the 24 hour reply from Help?

    • Powder Blue Orca I hope you've been in touch with support—we're running much faster than 24 hours right now!

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