Where did the money go?

I feel like I am losing my mind. I've been YNABing for years... since YNAB 3! Today I entered two separate deposits into PayPal and selected To Be Budgeted as my category. Money does not show up in TBB for December, however. I look at January and it is being applied against a red TBB (that I don't know how that got there either).

But my main concern is why the PayPal $ isn't showing up in December's TBB. Help me YNAB Forum... you're my only hope.

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  • I have a feeling I am starting to see what happened. November (Black Friday), I paid for something via PayPal but instead of using my PayPal balance to fund the purchase, I had money transferred from my bank account (which is my PayPal backup). It showed on my November budget as overspending (probably a category issue), making January in the red. A third PayPal deposit today helped me see that it was covering what I was in the red for January, and now I have a small amount in my December TBB. 馃槕

    January I will be doing a fresh start and am not too worried about all this. But I've learned my lesson... just use the PayPal balance to pay for stuff!

  • Hi,  amp97 ! Nice work getting to the bottom of that. I thought I'd just confirm what you discovered. YNAB will first cover any future overbudgeting before increasing the current month's To be Budgeted. 

    I鈥檓 going to mark this as answered, but please feel free to tag me in a reply if I can tie up any more loose ends for you!

  • This scenario is commonly referred to as "Stealing from the Future" among long-time users. Unfortunately if you have budgeted money in a future month, it's possible to make changes to your budget in the current month without any warning that the changes you have made cause you to go overbudget in a future month.

    Many of us have been requesting some way to notify the user of this occurrence on whatever screen they are looking at for the better part of two years so they can fix it immediately when it happens. A user shouldn't have to go looking through every future month in their budget every time a change is made.

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      nolesrule  That is exactly what occurred. I have a feeling I know where it went wrong, but it is not that big of a deal to me since I plan on Fresh Starting for the new year anyway. It would be very nice if we had some sort of pop up to warn us though.

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