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Good afternoon, everyone!  I hope my question finds everyone well.  Prior to this evening, in YNAB, I had the following accounts set up and linked -- (1) checking; (2) savings; (3-5) credit cards.  The checking and savings were two physically different accounts at my bank.  Because of the confusion, I made the decision to transfer my money from the savings account, into the checking account, so that I could give the dollars a purpose.  Once I did this, I did the transaction in YNAB, and closed the account out. Now that I've done this, the balance that my bank is showing, and the balance that my YNAB account it showing is not equalling out like they did prior to me making this merge.  I've checked the amounts, and am not sure sure of what to do; however, I do know that it is making my head spin.


Any help, please?

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  • Hey Forest Green Griffin !

    I want to make sure I'm following what happened here. You transferred all of your Savings into your Checking account and then did the same in YNAB, but the new account balance at your bank doesn't match in YNAB - correct?

    If so, it may be worth checking how that transfer was entered. Did you change the Payee to "Transfer: [Checking]" to show the funds were indeed a transfer? If so, the two should have updated accordingly.

    Are the accounts off by a certain amount? Are there any pending transactions affecting the bank account balance but aren't included in your YNAB balance?

    There are a number of factors that could be weighing in, but check those areas to see if you can find the culprit. :)

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